Graduate Programme

If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Land Surveyor in Barbados, you must undergo the Graduate Programme with the Lands and Surveys Department.
You must have completed the Geomatics or Land Surveying undergraduate degree.
Please find the steps of the internship process below.


1.1 Submit a written application letter to the Chief Surveyor by mail or email (

1.2 Request admittance to the Graduate Surveyor Internship Programme.

1.3 In the application, include your curriculum vitae.

1.4 Deliver the original degree to the Department. If you have not received the degree as yet, submit a letter from the University confirming the award of the degree. You should get the original degree to the Department as soon as possible.

1.5 Register at the Directorate, People Resourcing and Compliance for the post of Graduate Surveyor.


2.1 The Department will contact you to agree to a date to commence. Because of demand, entry into the internship will be on first come first served.

2.2 Once commenced, a Senior Surveyor will be assigned to supervise each Graduate Surveyor.

2.3 The internship ideally lasts for one(1) year, but may be shorter or longer depending on certain circumstances.

2.4 Constant communication is kept between the Chief Surveyor, the supervising Senior Surveyor and the Graduate Surveyor to ensure that internship objectives are met.

2.5 Each Graduate Surveyor will be entitled to a monthly stipend and vacation.


3.1 At the completion of the internship, the supervising Senior Surveyor presents a written report to the Chief Surveyor concerning the Graduate Surveyor's performance.

3.2 If satisfied with the performance, the Chief Surveyor makes a recommendation to the Barbados Land Surveying Board.

3.3 The Graduate Surveyor is interviewed by the Land Surveying Board.

3.4 If the interview has a positive outcome, information is conveyed to the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development, requesting that the Graduate Surveyor become a licensed Surveyor.

3.5 After a licensing fee is paid to the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development, the Chief Surveyor awards the License.

3.6 An annual license fee is payable on or before January 31st to the Registrar of the Supreme Court (CAP 373 Profession, Trade & Business Registration [Amendment] Act).

If you you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.