Land Registration

What is it?

The Lands and Surveys Department in collaboration with the Land Registry Department and the Land Adjudication Unit is establishing a register / list of all land parcels and their owners in Barbados.

Why is it being done?

The register will reflect the rights and interests of each land owner. It allows Government to guarantee your title, making land transactions easier and faster. It is doing this by changing the registration process from Registration of Deeds to one of Certificate of Titles.

How are you doing that?

The Lands and Surveys Department participates by preparing in advance a description of the district, and by compiling the plot plans of all the parcels within the area. Then, we demarcate or identify on the ground the boundaries of each parcel of land, and highlight any encroachments, overlaps or gaps in the boundaries. During this process, boundary problems should be identified.

Am I in a registration district?

There are 8 active registration districts. Click HERE to find out if you are in one of them.

More Information

Please click here to visit the Land Registry Department for more information.

Or, follow the links below for specific information on Land Registration:

  • Registration Districts
    Determine if you live in a registration district.
  • Legislation
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  • Fees
    Information regarding 1st registration fees, fifth schedule, recorded system, and condominium fees.